Protem MF Series


In today’s highly demanding industries such as Nuclear, Shipbuilding or Aerospace, the welded assemblies must be perfect. To achieve a perfect weld, the best welding machine has to be accompanied by the best end preparation machine.

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Protem PFM-HSB Series

Protem GmbH

The PFM - HSB is the right equipment for your beveling, facing and counter boring jobs. These...

Protem BMFM Concentric Clamping

Protem GmbH

The new concentric clamping machines Protem BMFM 76 and Protem BMFM 219 are designed to perform...

Protem - Concentric Clamping Device for Elbows

Protem GmbH

The new generation of the elbow clamping device was designed to clamp the US-Series Machines onto...


Protem GmbH

The Protem GR Series are OD clamping machines specially designed for the simultaneous machining...