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Techsoft Road Bridge Design Software

Techsoft Engineering Services

We are a technical house manufacturing softwares ASTRA Pro for Bridges, Culverts and Structure...

PDU Multiprese rack 19" 1U, con prese IEC C13 fino a 16 - 16 e 32 Amper | IDEAL POWER


Siamo leader europei per il numero di prodotti disponibili nel formato 19" 1 unità con le prese...

Tungsten Oxide nanopowder

Nanoshel LLC

Tungsten trioxide is one of the most widely studied electrochromic materials used as films. A...

Specialty Cameras - 2014 - Opticom

Opticom Technologies

This is a catalog of spec sheets of our industrial cameras. These cameras are installed in the...

Noldus catalog human

Noldus Information Technology bv

Innovative Solutions for Human Behavior Research, our catalog of products and solutions for...