Huzhou Golden Industrial Brush Co.,Ltd. is a professional producer of various kinds of industrial brushes. We bring in the most advanced equipments for manufaturing industrial brushes, and can provide you with a wide range of industrial brushes.

Our products are widely used in the polishing, descaling, and deburring of metal components, cleaning, polishing, and oxidation cover removing of metal strips, trimming and rubbing of textiles, printed and dyed products and leather products, polishing, dusting and gelatinizing of artifical boards and papermaking industry, cleaning, polishing, and deburring of PCB, cleaning of glass and LCD substrate, cleaning and rust removing of pipes, seal and dusting of furniture, inventory and mechanical equipments and so on.

The high cost-effectiveness of Golden Industrial Brush has been fully acknowledged by our customers. Not only do we have prepared for you a lot of conventional products, we can also meet your customized needs of special products, as well as offer you the best solutions for cleaning, polishing, and deburring of your products.