The company LORJ s.r.l. , based in Carmignano di Brenta (PD), is specialized in the production of PCB - printed circuit boards. Founded in 1970, boasts a respectable manufacturing experience gained with the passion of workers and the reality technology where the company has always excelled. Furthermore, our organization has a significant record of research and development in the field. The structures, always in the forefront of the latest innovation, allowed LORJ s.r.l. to be a dynamic and flexible and always ready to meet and develop any kind of requirement. Today the headquarters of LORJ s.r.l. covers a production area of more ​​than 6,000 square meters. For the realization from high-tech single side printed circuit boards, double sided , to the multilayer flexible and also aluminum base. Our structure also, is equiped with parameters for monitoring and control of production. Therefore they run continuously and accurately all the controls for obtain always certified and highly qualified products. The company LORJ s.r.l. is certified with the following certification : --- ISO 9001 --- --- --- ISO 14001: 2004 IQ / DQS GmbH NET --- UL / Printed Wiring Board Multylayer type B, BLF --- UL / single layer printed wiring boards type A, C, ALF, CLF All this combines also a technical and commercial assistance and advice given by our trained and highly professional employers. Further details you can get them by consulting our website: