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Sommer Messtechnik has built up high competences in developing monitoring systems for hydrological, meteorological and geological applications as well as flow monitoring installations for sewer systems and wastewater. Sommer develops and produces high-end monitoring equipment, innovative, resilient and designed for use at extreme environmental conditions. SOMMER - RQ-30 - Contact Free Discharge Measurement with RADAR: The RQ-30 system measures the discharge of rivers, streams, canals etc. with innovative contact-free RADAR technology. It's the unique feature of the RQ-30 to capture continuously the surface flow velocity of the water. Together with the water level, which is also measured constantly, this sensor enables an exact discharge measurement and the evaluation of specific discharge situations - even in case of floods.

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SOMMER sensors for discharge measurement

Sommer Messtechnik

Sommer Messtechnik develops and markets equipment and sensors for environmental measurement...

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Sommer Messtechnik

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RQ-30: Non-Contact Discharge Measurement with RADAR

Sommer Messtechnik

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