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Teknotherm Refrigeration

Teknotherm Refrigeration

Teknotherm Refrigeration specializes in design, fabrication, installation, and service for all types of refrigeration, cooling, and freezing equipment. We deal with RSW systems, ice makers, chillers, freezers, HVAC and condensers for fishing vessels, offshore oil rigs, maritime support ships, and cruise ships, as well as industrial and commercial cooling and freezing systems. We fabricate complete chilling and freezing systems at our facility in Seattle. Under our TeknoLogic division we design and build our own system controls and automation in our UL listed panel shop. Our Parts Department is second to none: With our extensive experience and sources all over the globe, we can probably find whatever you need. We are very knowledgeable about all types of refrigerants as well as the ongoing changes in refrigerant regulations. Efficient and environmentally friendly ammonia refrigeration is our specialty, though we do work with any refrigerant. We can design a new system to fit your needs or retro-fit existing equipment to use virtually any type of refrigerant. We can also handle all your refrigeration repair and maintenance needs. Please download our information packet to learn more about how Teknotherm can help with your cooling, freezing, and refrigeration needs.

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