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Ultraflex Power Technologies is devoted to the design and manufacturing of power electronic products used in wide range of induction heating and power conversion applications. With its ISO 9001:2008 certified design and manufacturing facilities, the company has the talent and the best available technology necessary to support its customer base. With flexible power delivery solutions, rapid prototyping, product certification and safety compliance, Ultraflex provides responsive support and advanced product solutions. With more than 10 years experience in power electronics, Ultraflex offers reliable and versatile products covering the specific needs of our customers. The products: - Induction heating power supplies for a variety of applications - Induction casting systems for dental labs, jewelry industry and materials research - Custom AC-DC and AC-AC power converters and OEM modules The quality: Ultraflex designs, manufactures and services power electronics products by managing a global supply chain and delivering world-class quality products at very competitive prices. Our focus has always been on high quality, reliability and ease of use of the equipment.

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UBraze Handheld and Automation Brazing System

UltraFlex Power Technology

The UBraze Handheld and Automation Brazing System brings the power of induction to work pieces...

SuperCast Plus D

UltraFlex Power Technology

Casts all dental alloys: precious and non-precious. Automatic frequency setting. Patented RCS...

SuperCast J Series

UltraFlex Power Technology

Patented RCS (Rotating Coil System) providing excellent casting and no death time due to coil...

UltraHeat S 2 kW

UltraFlex Power Technology

Advanced, cost effective power supplies utilizing the latest switching power...